Taboada Research Instruments, Inc.

Founded in 1999 by Dr. John Taboada and his son, Dr. John M. Taboada, (click on names for bios) Taboada Research Instruments, Inc. provides advanced laser, optical, and robotic instrumentation for customers in the military, medical, and industrial markets. TRI specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing customized instruments.  TRI is capable of conducting fundamental scientific research and using the results to innovate and deliver advanced research instruments.

TRI has commercialized a tool which can generate a nearly 360 degree plane of light from a single laser source with no moving parts, the Omni Laser Line. It has many applications, from robotic vision and security to construction leveling equipment. TRI also has commercialized a device capable of projecting a uniform ribbon of laser light, the Laser Ribbon. Additionally, TRI is marketing a universal optical mount called the Omni Mount. It is a simple mount capable of mounting optics of sizes between 2mm to 200mm. It can also mount other odd shaped objects.

TRIís President, Dr. John Taboada has had extensive leading experience in the study of ocular damage effects of extreme laser devices such as pico-second mode-locked glass lasers and mode-locked, Q-switched, second harmonic Nd:YAG lasers. He is credited with the discovery of the tissue removing effects of excimer laser pulses, leading to refractive eye surgery. Dr. John Taboada and Dr. John M. Taboada recently developed and delivered the first 100 Megawatt Q-switched Er:glass laser to a large defense contractor.

TRIís offices and manufacturing facilities are centrally located in downtown San Antonio, Texas in a historic building adjacent to Fort Sam Houston. TRIís instrumentation laboratory includes a 20 Watt Molectron Pulsed YAG Laser, Argon Laser, Lumonics Excimer Laser Model HE460SM-A, various optics breadboards, a CARY Varian Raman Spectrometer, photon counters, computers and measurement electronics. TRIís manufacturing machine shop includes a HAAS VMC CNC MiniMill, 2 manual mills, a JET lathe, and other support equipment such as bandsaws, grinders, and drill presses. TRI is also equipped with CAD/CAM software to take advantage of the CNC capabilities.

TRI continues to lead scientific research and development through:
                                                        ďAdvancement Through Innovation"

Please see our Products Section for the currently available items and information on other instruments we have delivered or contact us for more information regarding your particular research needs.  


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