John Taboada, Ph.D.



Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
§     Ph.D., Physics;  1973
§     Master of Science, Physics;  1968
Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
§     Bachelor of Arts, Physics;  1966


Taboada Research Instruments, Incorporated, San Antonio, Texas
Co-Founder, April 1999 – Present
§     Research and develop laser tools and instruments for various client applications and needs


USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas
Chief, Applied Optics Lab, Ophthalmology Branch and Senior Research Physicist, Optical Radiation Branch, Directed Energy Bio-effects Division Human Effectiveness Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Feb 1997 – June 2002
§      Served as the principal research scientist in applied physics for the Directorate specializing in: (a) development of original applied optics and optical biophysical studies related to general operational medical and visual sciences for improved Air Force capability and (b) the creation , structuring and deployment in Air Force missions of high technology and advanced applied physics concepts for detection, measurement, simulation, and health diagnostics.  Conducted original biophysics research and advanced science concerning the effects of a broad spectrum of stressful environments on human or accurate analogs.  Developed noninvasive methods for operational medical and visual diagnostics. Provided consultant services to Branch Chief and DoD customers in diverse range of applied physics.


USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas
Aerospace Medical Division/Air Force Systems Command
Numerous positions, Feb. 1968 – Feb. 1997
§      Served as a research physicist in applied physics and biophysics on Air Force related tasks in following fields:  nuclear radioactive isotopes in the human population, radio-frequency radiation research instrumentation and bioeffects, ultrashort pulse laser radiation bioeffects, laser weapon effects, bioelectromagnetic effects spectroscopy, aerospace transparency optical testing, photo-transduction biophysics and IR sensing in bio-systems.


§      U.S. Patent # 5,898,809, “Projecting a sheet of laser light such as a laser reference plane using a fiber optic bundle”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,521,386, “Gamma Ray Camera Method and Apparatus”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,364,390, “Handpiece and Related Apparatus for Laser Surgery and Dentistry”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,345,281, “Eye Tracking System and Method”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,318,022, “Method and Apparatus for Determining Hemoglobin Oxygenation Such as in Ocular and Other Vascular Beds”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,254,861, “Biological Aerosol Particle Detector and Method Having an Electronic Pulse Detection Means”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,233,373, “System and Method for Projecting an Image (Such As ERG Patterns) Significantly Anterior to the Posterior Retina”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,223,718, “Method and Apparatus for Quantifying Thermal Oxidation Tester Tube Deposits”
§      U.S. Patent # 5,215,296, “Method and Apparatus for Mechanical Positioning”
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§      U.S. Patent # 4,453,827, “Optical Distortion Analyzer System”
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§      U.S. Patent # 4,294,544, “Topographic Comparator”
§      U.S. Patent # 4,102,610, “Constant Volume Seal-Free Reciprocating Pump”
§      U.S. Patent # 4,070,683, “Optical Surface Topography Mapping System”
§      U.S. Patent # 4,068,956, “Pulsed Laser Densitometer System”

Specialized Training

§      Process Applications for Raman Analyzers,  2000
§      Optical Propagation Detection and Communication,  1983


§      Numerous Superior Performance Awards
§      More than 30 Dept of the Air Force Awards for inventions and patents
§      Air Force System Command Science and Technology Achievement Award Biosensors
§      Air Force Armstrong Laboratory David M. Clark Technology Transition Award Biosensors
§      USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Otis O. Benson Scientific Achievement Award - Laser Bio-effects


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